A Mother’s Wages

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Adam FaughnExodus 2:1-10


A. God places a great emphasis on the influence of mothers.
B. One positive influence is seen in the life of Moses, whose own mother was allowed to have a part in his upbringing, though he was in the house of Pharaoh.
C. When Moses’s mother was chosen, the daughter of Pharaoh said, “Take this child away and nurse him for me, and I will give you your wages.”
D. Monetary wages were in view, but the wages (rewards) for a godly mother are far greater.


I. The Wage of Time
a. Moses’s mother had to wonder if she would ever see Moses again, and now she was allowed to help raise him! No doubt, she treasured that time.
b. Ask any mother whose children are grown and they will tell you to make the most of your time and treasure it.

II. The Wage of Training
a. Though Moses was raised in the finest schools in the world at the time, he never forgot who he was (see Exodus 3:6).
b. Mothers, train your children in the most important of things, but always put God first.

III. The Wage of Tradition
a. In Exodus 2:11, we are told that Moses knew that the Hebrews were his own people. That understanding would include many traditions and practices foreign to the Egyptians.
b. A mother is encouraged when her children begin to love the traditions and stories of the family, community, nation, etc.

IV. The Wage of Theology
a. Moses grasped a knowledge of God in a pagan land because of the influence of his mother.
b. The highest aspiration for our children should be that they know and love the Lord. Seeing them grow in their love for God is the greatest reward a mother could ever have.


A. Mothers are invaluable. Their worth cannot be calculated, because a godly and virtuous mother does so much for the entire household.
B. But a godly mother puts the highest value on seeing her children grow in the Lord. Her greatest reward will never be known until Judgment Day.

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