A Study of Islam: Lesson 8 – Is Islam Peaceful? and Converting Muslims

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Adam FaughnIslam = a Peaceful Religion?
Many point to the fact that “Islam” can mean “peace” or “peaceful.” However, the same Arabic word also means “submit” or “submission.”
When evaluating Islam, we need to go to their sacred text, the Koran. What does it teach about peace or fighting?
To Muhammad:
“Therefore, when you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield smite their necks, until you thoroughly subdued them, then take prisoners of war and bind them firmly. Thereafter you have the choice whether to show them favor (release them
without ransom) or accept ransom, until the war lays down its burdens.” (Surah 47:4; see also Surah 2:190-194)
“Fighting has been made obligatory for you, much to your dislike. It is quite possible that something which you do not like is good for you and that something you love is bad for you. Allah knows, and you do not know.” (Surah 2:215)
To Muhammad’s followers:
“Permission to fight back is hereby granted to the believers against whom war is waged and because they are oppressed; certainly Allah has the power to grant them victory.” (Surah 22:39)
To all Muslims:
“Indeed Allah loves those who fight for his cause in solid ranks as if they were a fighting edifice.” (Surah 61:4)
“Therefore, if anyone transgresses a prohibition and attacks you, retaliate with the same force…” (Surah 2:194a)
“Persecution is worse than killing.” (Surah 2:217)
Why is Converting Muslims So Difficult?
1. A major difference in beliefs, as seen in how one becomes a Muslim.
Converting to Islam means you hold to one creed: “There is no god but Allah.
Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” You live to that one creed by the five pillars (discussed earlier) and by holding to six basic tenets of Islam:
• Belief in only one god (Allah)
• Angels are supernatural beings who do the will of Allah
• The Torah (law of Moses) and the Koran are sacred writings to be obeyed
• Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad are prophets sent to do Allah’s will
• Allah will judge all men and women
• All men and women will live in either paradise or hell.
2. History of conflict, most notably, the Crusades
3. Failure to learn Arabic (Muslims consider this a sacred language)
4. Fear, due to terrorism and warring factions
5. Muslims are sure in their faith and of their faith, and hold to the rituals tightly
6. Many Muslims do not convert out of their own fear
Concluding Reminders
In dealing with Islam (or anyone else for that matter), Christians must never forget:
1. Terrorist or tame, Muslims have a God-given soul.
2. The Great Commission does not give us the option to pick and choose who we
will teach.
3. Christians are not given a spirit of fear.
4. Prayer is powerful!
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