Destruction Is Coming

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Adam FaughnMicah 1:1-6

Lesson #1 of “Judgment and Justice” (Micah)


A. Micah, a seemingly common man, was given the task of warning the people of God that the judgment of God was coming.
B. He prophesied (Micah 1:1) during the reigns of three kings: Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, and is concerned with the common man.
C. In Micah 1, Micah gives three facts about judgment that were true then, and continue to be true.


I. Judgment Is from God
a. Man is not ultimately in control; God is! The key verse is Micah 1:3
b. This was not about a foreign nation being more powerful than Judah. It was about God being in control of history.
c. We need to be concerned about what is happening in the world, but we must always know that God is behind it all!

II. Judgment Is Justified
a. Micah 1:5: “All this is for the transgression of Jacob and for the sins of the house of Israel.” (see also verse Micah 1:7)
b. God does not bring about judgment” just because.” He brings judgment on peoples and nations that deserve it by turning fully away from Him.
c. Today, we do not know (because we do not have prophets like Micah around) when something is or is not the judgment of God. But we should see any disaster/attack as a wake up call to make certain we are faithful to the Lord.

III. We Should Not Celebrate Downfall
a. Micah mourned and lamented this destruction (Micah 1:8).
b. He does not have a “see I told you so” attitude. Instead, he is heartbroken. That should be our reaction, too, because souls are at stake.


A. While we may not have the same message as Micah did, we are still to call people—and even our nation—to repentance.
B. Do we take it seriously? Are we warning anyone of the ultimate Judgment to come?

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