Following the Lamp

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Adam FaughnPsalm 119:105-112


A. Light fascinates us, and is often used in Scripture to describe good and right (1 John 1:5, 7; 1 Thessalonians 5:5; Philippians 2:15; John 1:9).
B. Scripture is also compared to light in Psalm 119:105. As we “Strengthen Our Roots” this year, we need to learn what we gain from following the lamp of Gods Word. From the verses that follow Psalm 119:105, we see seven things we gain.

Body: When We Allow the Bible to Light Our Way, We Have

I. Honesty (Psalm 119:106)
a. While David sinned at times, his heart was devoted to God.
b. Scripture is the foundation for honesty and integrity. When we fail to follow the Word,
honesty will slip, as well.

II. Encouragement (Psalm 119:107)
a. When we are discouraged (“severely afflicted”), the Word of God can give us life.
b. Romans 15:4 reminds us that Scripture brings “comfort.”

III. Praise (Psalm 119:108)
a. The praise is a “freewill offering.” When we think of Gods Word long enough, praise will flow freely from our hearts and (possibly) from our lips.
b. How long has it been since you spent so much time with the Bible that you were simply moved to praise?

IV. Hope (Psalm 119:109)
a. “Holding my life” was a Hebrew idiom of feeling peril.
b. When we are in peril, our hope is found in the Word of the Lord. We need to always have Gods Word in our attention.

V. Faithfulness (Psalm 119:110)
a. David felt ensnared (entrapped) by others, but he had a powerful solution: “I do not stray from your precepts.”
b. We need to have Gods Word firmly fixed in our mind before struggles come, so we know how to handle them in the moment.

VI. Joy (Psalm 119:111)
a. Gods commandments may be difficult at times, but they are not “burdensome.”
b. In fact, following them over time brings true joy to our heart (i.e., our inner self).

VII. Growth (Psalm 119:112)
a. Davids conclusion was that he was not only going to follow the commands of God until he got out of this difficult situation. He was going to follow them “forever.”
b. To grow and mature in our faith, we must spend significant and regular time in the Word.


In a world that is very dark, are you following the lamp of Gods Word?

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