It Starts with a Choice

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Adam FaughnColossians 3:12-14


A. Colossians 3 contains (1) things we are to “put off,” (2) things we are to “put on,” then (3) instructions about worship, specifically singing.
B. It is in the section of what we are to “put on” that we find one of the most difficult commands to live out, even among our Christian family.


Part 1: What to Put On

A. Compassionate Hearts. Requires a heart that can be touched with the burdens of others.
B. Kindness. Helpfulness, generosity, tenderness, uprightness, goodness (cf. Romans 11:22).
C. Humility. The Romans despised humility, but Christians understand it is not a sign of weakness, but of real strength. (Philippians 2:5-9)
D. Meekness. I am not overly impressed with my own importance, and that displays itself in how I treat others.
E. Patience. “Long suffering;” literally, “long in coming to heated anger.” (1 Peter 2:23)
F. Love. “Above all things…” this love “binds together everything in perfect harmony.”

Part 2: Forgiveness…Like Christ

A. Bearing. “Forbear, hold up, endure.” Even as family, we will frustrate each other, but if I am looking for the best in others, I will not see it as a “shot” at me!
B. Forgiving
1. “To cancel a debt” + “granting something” = you don’t owe me any longer, and I am going to give you something to your betterment!
2. This is more than just letting something drop. It is building a long-term relationship through hard work.
C. Following. “As the Lord has forgiven you.” The work of forgiveness from God is done completely and continuously. Is mine?


A. This is not optional: “so you also must forgive.”
There are people who sit in pews every week who will lose their souls because they refuse to do the hard work of forgiveness. Some stew. Some are bitter.
B. Some just let things slide, but never forgive. Consider the example: “as the Lord has forgiven you.”
C. Jesus “set His face” to forgive (Luke 9:51). It started with a choice for Him, and it starts with a choice for each of us. Will you make that eternity-changing choice?

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