Knowing God: The Desire

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Adam FaughnPsalm 119:33-40


A. “I want to know Christ…” (Philippians 3:10-11), wrote Paul. But he was not the first nor the last to desire to know the Divine.
B. If we are going to know God, we have to desire to know Him.
C. We can know a few things about God just by looking around us (Romans 1:19-20), but if we are going to fully know Him, we must desire it.
D. David shows us the kind of heart that takes in Psalm 119:33-40.


A. David’s Humility (Psalm 119:40)
1. Longing for the precepts of God shows humility, because we are admitting we cannot figure everything out on our own.
2. We must have that humility if we are going to seek God through His Word. With that in mind, look at the verses that preceded this one.
B. David’s Entreaties (Psalm 119:33-39)
1. Each verse opens with a request, and they are requests we must continue to make if we seek to know God.
a. Teach me (Psalm 119:33). We do not know everything. Am I willing to seek the way of God through Scripture?
b. Give me understanding (Psalm 119:34). It is one thing to seek knowledge. It is something deeper to seek understanding. We must study to show ourselves approved to God.
c. Lead me in the path of your commandments (Psalm 119:35). We need God’s help to stay on the path of those things He has as the code for our lives, though they are not burdensome (1 John 5:3).
d. Incline my heart to your testimonies (Psalm 119:36). “Incline” literally means “to stretch out.” David knows where his heart has stretched before, and he wants help making sure it stretches in God’s direction!
e. Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things (Psalm 119:37). These are not just sinful things, but things that do not really matter, but can still distract us from our ultimate goal. The things of God are what truly give us life.
f. Confirm to your servant your promise (Psalm 119:38). “Confirm” carries the idea of something that is solid and standing. Our requests to God must include an understanding that we can only truly stand if we are in the Word.
g. Turn away the reproach I dread (Psalm 119:39). Things that are shameful should be removed. Do we ever request that from God?


A. In these verses, David beautifully shows the kind of heart it takes if we are going to desire to know God.
B. Do you have that desire? Do you have that heart? Are you ready and willing to express these things to the Lord?

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