Knowing God: The Walk

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Adam FaughnPsalm 119:9-16


A. Our theme for 2016 is “Strengthening Our Roots: Knowing God through His Word.” We opened the year in Psalm 1, and we are going to close the year in Psalm 119.
B. Walking may seem boring to our face-paced world, but the Bible places a premium on walking with the Lord.
C. At times, we must slow down and be deliberate if we are to truly know God.
D. Using Psalm 119:9-16, we are going to see some of those traits that may seem slow, but that will make all the difference.


A. Holding the Line (Psalm 119:9)
1. We are to guard our way, so that our heart is pure (literally, “translucent”).
2. We live in a very pure world, so we must start young (or start now) to guard our hearts, and we must stay in the Word. We need to fill our minds and hearts with Scripture.
B. Staying on Path (Psalm 119:10)
1. We need help staying on the path of God at times. Who wants to ask for help with such a “simple” task? But oh, how we need that help.
2. David understands the importance of staying on the path of God’s commandments, and wisdom even today tells us that it is better to live God’s way.
C. Pausing to Take Stock (Psalm 119:11)
1. “Stored up” or “hid” literally means, “to hide by covering over.” So, it came to mean “to treasure.”
2. We need to pause often to take stock of our lives in light of Scripture.
3. But we also need to memorize Scripture, so that we always have it top of mind.
D. Learning…to Teach (Psalm 119:12-13)
1. We should desire to go to heaven, but should also desire to take others with us.
2. David writes that we are to teach the “judgments” of God. I need to know them to live for the Lord, but I also need to be willing to teach them to others. That may not be politically correct, but it is expected by our Lord.
E. Stopping to Think (Psalm 119:14-16)
1. Our world puts a premium on hurrying, not on stopping and thinking (or meditating, reflecting).
2. “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 41:10).
3. Do we ever carve out time to stop and think about God and His Word?


A. Our desire should be to know God, but that is going to take focused, regular, and intentional time spent in His Word.
B. That may seem slow—like a walk—to our world, but it will provide us a way to know our Lord and, as the song says, “Go for aye together” and “walk and talk as good friends should and do.”

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