Remember Me, O Lord

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Adam FaughnJob 14:7-13


A. Even faithful Christians, at times, can wonder if God really cares. Some even, at times, might feel abandoned by the Lord.
B. If you struggle with wondering if God has abandoned you, you are in good company! At least six times in the Bible, people called out to God, asking Him to remember them. Their circumstances are similar to times when we cry out to God in the same way.


A. When You Need Strength (Judges 16:28)
1. Samson faced so many ups and downs in life, but in his closing hours, realized his need for God.
2. The strongest man in the world was helpless, until he cried out to God.
3. Are you beaten down and weak from life? Are you weak to temptation? Do you think you cannot overcome? God hasn’t forgotten you, but He wants you to realize that He is your strength.
B. When Life Has been Unfair (1 Samuel 1:11)
1. Hannah could not bear children, and was berated for it. It was no fault of her own, but it seemed so unfair.
2. She cried out to God, and was “heard of God.”
3. Through no fault of your own, maybe you are facing an unfair situation. Have you sought God and realized that He knows and cares?
C. When You Struggle to Lead (Nehemiah 13:14)
1. After rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem, Nehemiah returned a few years later only to find more reforms needed to be made. The stress and strain (not to mention disappointment) had to be draining.
2. As Nehemiah continually led the people toward the ways of God, he asked God to remember him.
3. The weight of leadership and responsibility can be overwhelming; even debilitating. When you struggle as a leader, seek God. If anyone understands your frustrations and hurts, it is Him!
D. When You Can’t Understand Why (Job 14:13)
1. Job was never told why he suffered as he did. Though we know why, he never found out. Finally, as he struggled with that, he asked God to remember him in this time of confusion.
2. Often in life, we want to know why things are the way they are. Instead of blaming God, we need to ask God to remember us in those times of confusion.
E. When Others are Harsh to You (Jeremiah 15:15)
1. Can you imagine doing the Lord’s will and preaching His message for a lifetime, with no one responding except to ridicule and harm you? That’s what Jeremiah faced!
2. Jeremiah realized that God was with him, even when everyone seemed to be out to get him. Even to people who are faithful, others will be harsh and unkind and sometimes cruel. How will we face that? We ask God to remember us.
F. When You Need to be Saved (Luke 23:42)
1. Those who are not Christians need to realize their need for God and His Son, too! It is the only place to find salvation.
2. The thief on the cross finally made that recognition and called out to Christ, seeking salvation.


No matter what we face in life, we must realize that God has all eternity under His control. We can trust Him to lead us through even the darkest, most confusing, and most difficult times in life. Will you run from Him, or seek His face?

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