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Adam FaughnMicah 4:1-5

Lesson #4 of “Judgment and Justice” (Micah)


A. Much of what we have seen in Micah thus far has been bad news with a little hope mixed in. Thankfully, Micah 4 is just the opposite.
B. No matter what was going on, the people could still trust God, if they just would.
C. Micah 4 had a message for his day, but you and I are still living with the further fulfillment of the prophet’s words from God. They are words of rescue for the faithful remnant.


I. Hope, Then and Now (Micah 4:1-5)
a. Though Jerusalem would be destroyed (Micah 3:12), God provided hope for the future.
i. First, the city of Jerusalem would rise again.
ii. But also, this is a prophecy of the church!
b. Knowing that, Micah 5 reminds us of how to act within the church: “We will walk in the name of the Lord our God forever and ever.” We must remain vigilant, as God has provided us a place of hope.

II. Healing (Micah 4:6-8)
a. Micah states that God would show special care to those considered “lesser” in society, even as Jerusalem would be destroyed. In fact, God would use those people to show His power.
b. This is a powerful reminder for us in the church today. God call everyone through the Gospel, but only those who realize their weakness will come to Him.

III. Higher Thoughts (Micah 4:9-13)
a. Sadly, the people were so accustomed to turning to their earthly king that they had forgotten to place their trust in the Lord. (see Micah 4:12)
b. God is using the people who will not even turn to Him to bring about His will!
c. Today, we do not always know what the Lord is doing, but the church is a kingdom that will stand forever, no matter what might stand against Christianity and Scripture.


A. God has used a remnant before (Noah’s family, Lot, Elijah and the 7000, etc.). Through it all, God has rescued His people and worked His plan perfectly.
B. Compared with the world’s billions, the Church is a small remnant, but if we stand with God, we can know we are on the right side of history, and of eternity.

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