Temptation Island

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tyler_hallmanLuke 17:1-4


A. Each and everyone person will face temptation.
B. Temptations are those things which separate us from God.
C. With temptation comes escape.
D. God is not the source of the temptation.


1. Encouragement when we are tempted to compare ourselves with others.
a. The Apostles wanted to know who the greatest was.
b. We live in a society where being on top is important.
c. We must learn humility to grow.
2. Encouragement when we are tempted to Sin.
a. Not all temptation is to sin.
b. Temptation entices us and attempts to draw us in.
c. God will provide a way of escape with every temptation.
3. Encouragement when we want to give up.
a. Some times we are pushed to the breaking point.
b. Being a Christian means making a great amount of sacrifices.
c. It is easy to want to throw in the towel.


A. Temptations will come in life.
B. What is your biggest temptation?
C. Would it not be great to leave here with help overcoming temptation?

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