The Everest of Ethics

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Adam FaughnMatthew 7:12


A. Most people call it “The Golden Rule,” but some have called it “The Everest of Ethics.”
B. It stands out from other similar statements in that it is the only one that is proactive.
C. “The Golden Rule is the great Christian rule of lifeā€¦ This principle is the capstone of human relations, the topmost peak of social ethics, and the Everest of all ethical teachings.” (J. Noel Merideth)
D. We will examine this great teaching from three angles.


I. It is a Priceless Principle.
a. “This is the Law and the Prophets.” It is the rule that summarizes all others.
b. If followed by all, it would end all problems! (see Romans 13:10; John 15:13)
c. We see it lived out in the life and death of Jesus, because He did that for other people.
d. This one rule would help us see the invaluable nature of every soul.

II. It is a Preventative Principle.
a. Simply asking, “How would I want to be treated in this situation?” would solve so many problems!
b. Revisit nearly any struggle in the Bible, and this one principle would have prevented it (David and Bathsheba, Joseph and his brothers, etc.).

III. It is a Productive Principle.
a. In the larger context of Matthew 7, Jesus is talking about dealing with other people (judging, giving, etc.), and the Golden Rule starts with “therefore” (or, “so”).
b. When we understand that, we will act with the proper motive in mind. We will be “zealous to good works” (Titus 2:14).
c. Think of all the negative and hurtful things that would be eliminated from the world if this one principle were applied in every arena of life!


A. Only the Christian ethic commands people to be proactive in doing good, rather than just reactive.
B. It is the most difficult, but most rewarding, life we could ever lead, and it would literally change the world.
C. Will you climb The Everest of Ethics?

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