What Makes a “Gospel” Meeting

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Adam FaughnGalatians 1:6-10


A. Our Summer Gospel Meeting starts next Sunday!
B. What does “gospel” mean? It means “good news!”
C. We are going to hear the best news the world has ever known: Jesus is Savior and Lord!
D. In this lesson, we will consider three reasons why we should support our Gospel Meeting, and why we can rightly call it a “Gospel” (good news) meeting.

Body: It’s a “Gospel” Meeting Because…

A. It’s All about Jesus.
1. Considering the theme and topics of our upcoming meeting, this is true!
2. Paul only wanted to preach about Jesus to those at Corinth, and that was good news (1 Corinthians 2:1-2; 15:1-4).
3. For one week, we will be bringing thoughts of Jesus to the forefront of our minds.

B. Our Knowledge of Scripture is Strengthened
1. 2016 theme: “Strengthening Our Roots: Knowing God Through His Word.” This theme is emphasized through events such as our Gospel Meeting.
2. Acts 17:10-12 speaks of the “noble” Bereans.
a. They were noble first of all because they were eager to hear,
b. Then because they would search the Scriptures to see if what was being taught was true.
3. Any “focused” time we can spend in Scripture is “Gospel” (good news) time!

C. Bonds of Fellowship are Enriched
1. Special events (camp, VBS, Gospel Meetings) are special, and one reason is because we spend more time with our Christian family.
2. Acts 2:47 speaks of the devotion the early church had on fellowship.
3. Worship is a major part of this, but a Gospel Meeting provides times to eat and simply visit, as well.


A. This really will be a “good news” kind of week.
B. Will you support it?

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