What Oppression Looks Like

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Adam FaughnMicah 2:1-5

Lesson #2 of “Judgment and Justice” (Micah)


A. We have all known people who, seemingly, wanted to just figure out ways to do evil. (Proverbs 6:18)
B. That is just what was going on in the days of Micah all throughout the nation!
C. While Micah 2 begins with disturbing news, it ends with hope when oppression is present.


I. Oppression from the Dawn (Micah 2:1-5)
a. Verse 1 speaks of those who are devising evil “on their beds.” They can’t even wake up
without having thought of something evil to do!
b. Then, they perform it as soon as the sun rises.
c. But God knew not just the actions, He knew the intent of their heart (Micah 2:3, 5).

II. Speaking Out Against Oppression (Micah 2:6-11)
a. Many in Micah’s day were calling themselves prophets, yet claiming that everything was
just fine. There was prosperity in the land, so what bad could possibly happen?
b. Micah does not stand by and watch it happen. Instead, he speaks out against it. At least
three sinful things are specifically mentioned:
i. The elites were making people feel secure when they really were not (Micah 2:8).
ii. They were treating women (especially widows) heartlessly (Micah 2:9).
iii. The children were not going to be allowed to gain their rightful inheritance
(Micah 2:9).
c. God expects His people to speak for those who are being oppressed, especially those
who cannot speak for themselves.

III. A Remnant is Faithful and Known (Micah 2:12-13)
a. Even in this difficult time, there are some who are being faithful, and God knows who
they are.
b. This should encourage us that others are faithful, and to remain faithful ourselves.


A. We live in times—even in America—where some are marginalized and oppressed.
B. Are we standing up for them? Speaking for them? Caring for them? That is a sign of our
faithfulness, and God sees and knows our heart and our effort.

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