When We Consider Jesus

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Adam FaughnHebrews 13:1-6


A. A good sermon points out Biblical truth, but also seeks to apply that truth to modern life.
B. At least one book in the New Testament carries that same trait, so much so that many people believe the book of Hebrews was originally a sermon.
C. After multiple arguments of why Jesus is “better,” the book ends with many points of application.
D. They are all based upon Hebrews 12:1-3, where we are told to consider Jesus. Using Hebrews 13:1-6, we will notice four things that should continually be true if our minds are truly focused upon Jesus.


A. Unity is Ongoing (Hebrews 13:1)
1. “Let brotherly love continue” is literally, “the brotherly love remains.” It is assumed that this love and unity will go on and on when we focus on Jesus!
2. If I am not allowing brotherly love to remain, my mind is not on the Lord.
Romans 12:18; Galatians 6:10
B. Hospitality is Normal (Hebrews 13:2-3)
1. The wonder and argument over the writer’s statement concerning entertaining angels overshadows the clear command: “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers.”
2. Christians love all people, including those who are not part of our “little group.” We welcome them “without grumbling” (1 Peter 4:9).
3. When we are focused on Jesus, we will seek to show His love to all, not be overly concerned with our house being perfect first.
C. Marriages are Stronger (Hebrews 13:4)
1. Marriage is under attack in our society, and even Christians often make fun of marriage.
2. Hebrews 13:4 commands us (literally), “Marriage is precious and esteemed in all positions.”
3. Marriage is far more than just a ceremony or a commitment. It is a picture of Christ and His church (Ephesians 5:22-33, especially Eph. 5:32).
4. When we focus on Jesus, we want to display a perfect picture of His relationship with His Church to the world, so we will honor and strengthen marriage.
D. Contentment is a Way of Life (Hebrews 13:5-6)
1. We do not have the best stuff, but can we not be content with what we have?
2. 1 Timothy 6:10 is a sobering warning in our consumer culture.
3. It is not wrong to want better things, but we need to not let that consume us and dominate our thinking so that we are not content with what God has blessed us with.


A. Hebrews 13 goes on with more points of application, but these four are enough to show us how our lives would be transformed if we would just consider Jesus at all times!
B. Will you “turn your eyes upon Jesus,” so that “the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace?”

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